Welcome to Honorbound -

Men’s Ministry


Our Men’s Ministry exists to equip men to be spiritual leaders in their church, the community and their families. As we all know, Christianity is not a destination; it is a life long journey.   We believe it is important to give men opportunities to connect with one another, while keeping Jesus Christ as the focus. This connection allows men to get to know one another and grow relationships of substance. It is through relationships that men can feel comfortable asking for help, prayer and accountability.  By getting Godly men together to worship, serve and learn more about God it naturally creates a deeper sense of purpose and understanding.

Won’t you join the men on the last Saturday of each month for a hearty breakfast and spend some time in fellowship and learning more about God.  We won’t just feed your body – we’ll feed your soul!


“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”          -Proverbs 27:17