Are you Searching for a Church?

There are many reasons for making changes in your life.  Changes in your career, housing and even in your Church.  Some of you need to find a Church for the first time, while others are feeling that the Lord would have you move along.

Many wonder how to go about this search.  What is to be considered?  How do I proceed?  How should I select?

First and foremost, you should pray and even fast for Father’s guidance.  It is His will you seek most of all.  In fact if you are searching for your first Congregation He knows the best place for you to grow in your knowledge and relationship with Him.

If you are seeking another Congregation you should make sure that it is His will for you to make the change.  Beloved, never leave a Church frivolously.  Only the leading of the Lord is a valid reason to make a move.

Upon determining that it is Father’s will to find a new church there are a few issues to consider before you visit any Church.  Is it a church governed by Scripture, preaching and teaching the Bible and attempting to live as it instructs?  Is the Holy Spirit acknowledged and submitted to?  Are there programs to assist people to be Disciples of Christ?  You can gather this information by calling the Church, as well as local newspapers and advertisements.

Then upon your visit you should ask God to reveal His will for you.  The Church and Congregation may be truly as they present themselves as well as wonderful servants of God, but is it where God would have you join?  If they aren’t conducting themselves as you have been told, this is a good reason to continue your search.

We join a church and it’s Congregation for three reasons: to worship, to grow and to serve.  Only Father knows who is needed in a Congregation and what’s best for you.  We tend to determine where we would join by evaluating temporal issues.  Things like, “Did I feel good?  Was the place neat and the people friendly?  Was the music great and the seating comfortable?”  But you tend to overlook how you may serve the Body, and to ask is this place for me, Father?  The former are applicable but the latter is essential!

If you’re searching for a new Church and Congregation to join, please consider Pembroke Assembly. In any event I hope this information will help you find the place where God would have you be blessed as well as serve.